This site is a comprehensive archive of teaching materials, exemplars and resources associated with Mr Waugh’s 2013 English class. Feel free to look around, and make use of whatever is of value. All 2014 GCSE English materials can be found here

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Learning Focus This Term

FILM STUDY: Hotel Rwanda

Studied as a visual text, with an included exploration of cinematography, mis en scene and montage followed by a piece of analytical writing and and ethical debate

Assessment Focus

Analytical Writing – A written scene analysis demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of the links between cinematographic choices and audience interpretation.

Formal Debate – Addressing in a formal debate, the role of the UN in the 1992 Rwandan Genocide

Thinking Focus and Extension

Political Problem Solving

Engaging in the complex international politics surrounding the Rwandan Genocide in 1992 and exploring the role of the UN at the time, and at present.

The Student Blogging Scheme

We have launched our student blogging scheme – the classroom is equipped with brand new iPads and every student has their own blog.

Class Visit

We’ve already been visited by teachers from other schools to find out how it all works. It is shaping up to be our best year yet in Year 9 English, so lock in and enjoy the ride!

Lesson Stream

  • https://i1.wp.com/waugh9.old.edutronic.net/files/2013/05/Screen-Shot-2013-05-19-at-15.48.02.png?resize=213%2C120

    Year 9 Hotel Rwanda; Debate 1

    Arising after their veiwing and analysis of the film “Hotel Rwanda” these Year 9 Students debated the issue of whether […]

  • https://i0.wp.com/waugh9.old.edutronic.net/files/2013/05/Screen-Shot-2013-05-02-at-02.50.04.png?resize=213%2C120

    Gift of the Gab

    This presentation guides the students to explore rhetorical devices that can be employed to persuade an audience to agree with […]

  • https://i2.wp.com/waugh9.old.edutronic.net/files/2013/03/HotelRwanda-Still3.jpg?resize=213%2C120

    Hotel Rwanda Film Study

    As a continuation of our year’s theme of politics, conflict and identity we have been exploring film techniques and studying […]


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