Lesson Outline: Introduction to Metaphor in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Plan for a lesson observed by the Headmaster on Thursday 22 November 2012


The students are engaged in a study of Romeo and Juliet. They have already read the play and watched the film by Baz Luhrmann. They have just been introduced to the tasks they must perform to complete the study. This has been offered to them as a matrix of options (with the compulsory element being a literary essay, which is in line with the department KS3 programme)


The objective of this lesson is dual-layered. On one level I am introducing the students to the process of identifying a language device (metaphor) in a text – and then explaining these findings in paragraph form. The second level is related to the fact that one of the options in their project is for them to teach a lesson to the class. As part of this, I have undertaken to run a series of ‘demonstration lessons’ that they can use as models for constructing their own lesson. This one is demonstrating how to run a lesson using a data presentation.


In preparation for this observation I recommend the following:

  1. Check the class’ Year Plan to see where this lesson fits in to the over-all plan for these boys
  2. Review the prior lessons for this Shakespeare Study to familiarise yourself with what the students have already encountered as part of this project
  3. Look into the students’ blogs to see what kind of progress each are making on an individual level (and to investigate the quality of the feedback they have been receiving on their work)
  4. Enjoy viewing some videos the students have produced on the major topics of this assessment
  5. View some captures the students have made of my teaching at key points throughout the unit
  6. Read the Task Outline for the final stage of this project


The students’ tasks have been set to automatically appear on their individual blogs 30 minutes before the beginning of the lesson. They are differentiated by task and text complexity – but they are all following the same basic process.

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