Novel Study: Animal Farm

This term we are exploring the Year 9 theme of “Politics, Context and Power” though the lens of allegory and via the precision-sharp pen of George Orwell in his novella “Animal Farm”

As part of this programme of learning we will be reading the novel in class. We will research and explore the historical context of the story – and in doing so explore some of the inter-cultural fears that are seen as the antecedents of the Cold War. We will look at Orwell’s prose and his use of allegory to express his misgivings about communism in the USSR and his abiding fear of totalitarian rule.

While reading the novel, we will discuss its implications as well as draw connections to politics of our own time. After reading we will also be watching the film “The Lives of Others” which is set in communist East Germany in the height of communist rule and that explores corruption in the political party and their police arm, the Stasi.

The programme will conclude with a wide study that will include everyone engaging in creative writing, analytical writing, class presentations and the pursuit of research topics related to the novel and its time.

Students who wish to enrich their reading of Animal Farm are also invited to read “1984” by George Orwell and “The Wave” by Morton Rhue (Todd Strasser).


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